Sustainable Innovation

Data connects us, it helps us identify problems and realise solutions. Data centres sit at the heart of solving our greatest challenges from the global pandemic to climate change itself. They are the engine which powers innovation.

We are leading the way in sustainable innovation. In 2022, we founded A Healthier Earth, an organisation of engineers, scientists and innovators dedicated to finding solutions to the problems faced by our planet.

At Pure, we are always improving the way we are working, operating and developing. Being sustainable makes a lot of sense, our customers want to develop sustainably, and we do too. Find out more about how we are using data centres for good.

We tailor our environmental impact and restoration to enhance each area we operate in focusing on key local environmental issues and problems.

Beyond net-zero

Through the Paris Accord world leaders set goals to reduce emissions by 45% no later than 2030, and to reach net-zero by 2050.

Here at Pure DC we are determined to demonstrate leadership in beating those targets. We aim to achieve net-zero by 2030. Ultimately, we want to extend our ambitions beyond net-zero to protecting the planet and helping to improve our relationship with nature itself.

We are committed to the most energy efficient solutions, to use renewable energy wherever it is available, and to use no potable water for cooling. Wherever we can sustainably source it, we utilise hydrotreated vegetable oil to power our standby generators to reduce emissions.

We are funding analysis, research and testing of solutions to the construction and operational problems our industry faces. Our customers encourage us to do this. They want to see companies like ours take steps to reduce our carbon footprint and move beyond net-zero.

Our sustainability charter 

We have a dedicated team permanently measuring our carbon footprint and our societal impact. Measuring what we do helps guide our team in identifying and testing solutions we can deploy in the real world to make a difference.

Across our business we have set internal goals to achieve:

  • Net-zero operational carbon impact
  • Net Zero water use in operation​
  • Zero waste to landfill​
  • Nature Positive​
  • Positive skills growth through training
  • Positive societal benefits through community engagement