Meeting today’s demand for high-performing digital infrastructure whilst safeguarding tomorrow for everyone

Pure Data Centres
Sustainable. Simple. Consistent. 

Pure is an innovation driven digital infrastructure organisation of industry leading experts in intelligent design, engineering, security, science, research, and sustainability. We develop and operate sustainable data centres for some of the world’s largest technology companies, across the UK, Europe, Middle East, and Asia.

We believe in data centres for good; creating employment opportunities, using our resources to support local communities, and investing in environmental restoration.

Pure DC invests in high integrity carbon removal nature-based projects aiming to enhance (mobilise) social and environmental value in the places where we operate.

In achieving our objectives, we are driven by our core values; we deliver, we empower, we adapt, and we care.

Pure is backed by leading financial institutions and managed by passionate leaders each with decades of specialist industry experience, focussed on delivering sustainable availability, wherever we operate, every day, continuously.

Strength to deliver
sustainably across the world

Our experience extends across the globe, with our team having delivered countless data centre and environmental projects in a wide range of locations to the highest international standards. These capabilities are backed by the substantial financial resources of Oaktree Capital, which provides us the depth of funding necessary to deliver significant projects anywhere.