Environmental, Social and Governance

Pure DC’s carbon reduction initiatives are linked to Science-Based Targets (SBT) and responding to CDP, TCFD and other internationally recognisable climate relative frameworks. Defining SBTs reflects the company’s climate mitigation ambitions and demonstrates the company’s leadership position within the sector on national and global levels.

Pure DC has developed a  Carbon Management  Strategy and action plan that involves every aspect of our business including PURE DC’s GHG emissions, carbon reduction activities, supplier and customer engagement,  policy and legislation compliance,  carbon pricing, carbon risk management and carbon reporting.

Global safety standards

Pure drives rigorous global safety standards wherever we operate. Our global safety team drives a common safety culture internally and with everyone we work with.

Every project has a Pure safety manager allocated to the project to drive behaviour and process. Their only task is to implement best practices and create a positive environment for safety, overcoming both the cultural and human challenges which can arise in different locations around the world.

Transparent, sustainable, passionate

On every project around the world, we endeavour to act as a force for good, doing the right thing, setting new standards and caring for those we employ as part of our overall vision and purpose.

For our customers, we seek to provide transparency and visibility of data to ensure they can see we are performing in line with our contractual commitments.

We work with our value chain to drive consistency and ensure execution against project specifications and quality standards.

We analyse and evaluate project delivery safety and quality metrics and work with our partners to continuously improve.

Ethics, controls & compliance

Alongside strong corporate governance controls and enforcement, we have a ‘speak up’ culture that is driven from board level and is a consistent frontline priority. We provide an environment for individuals to speak up either to management or an independent third party if they feel that something is wrong. We always believe in transparent reporting, and our highest priority is to honour our commitments to all those we deal with.

Our focus is on building long-term client partnerships with global customers, and we are willing to invest to help grow those relationships, operating to the highest standards of ethics and probity across all our markets.