Scalable, adaptable, go anywhere

Our goal is to provide a quality service that is tailored to fit and stress-free. We focus on understanding our customer’s systems and standards as well as they do. We operate with total transparency and take responsibility for our actions.

We recognise that our customers’ worlds are dynamic, often reactive to global events and pressured to ensure their own consistency of service. As operators, we invest heavily in our people and our partners, training them to the highest standards. This straightforward approach allows us to scale sustainably, quickly and consistently wherever we go.

Consistent everything

Pure delivers consistency. The team is consistent, the delivery model is consistent. We work with proven long-term partners using consistent standards and processes.

We implement high safety standards globally regardless of local practice, adopting proven approaches to training and learning. This enables our business to operate consistently at speed.

The Human Factor

In data centres 80% of outages are people related, so we take the same, painstaking, experience-based approach to designing our operations to allow for human factors.

We operate our facilities with our own resource, with extended pre-opening training and exercising. We invest in quality and experience and set clear missions for each specialist role, whilst bringing on entry-level personnel to train for the future. Every Pure construction project is run by our own project directors and team operating in country – to overlay local knowledge and expertise. This investment allows us to ensure consistency in quality of delivery and operations wherever we go. We focus on both contractor and internal staff welfare, to ensure we provide a great place to work learning from the knowledge and experience each person brings.