About Us

Who we are

Pure is headquartered in London (UK) and has over 200MW of IT capacity live or under development in markets across Europe, Asia and the GCC.

Each member of our team brings expertise in building and operating mission critical systems having brought experience from aviation, financial services, the military, utilities and government.

We match our customers internal standards to provide solutions, delivered with the integrity that they need to pursue their business objectives, sustainably and efficiently around the world.

Focused on change

In 2021 we embarked on a journey of exploration to find our own solutions to climate change. Through extensive research, targeted investments and talent acquisition, we have established a dedicated organisation focused on creating A Healthier Earth, acquiring a specialist carbon sequestration consultancy to grow the team.

We believe no other company has such significant directly employed resource focused on addressing these challenges.

Shaping the future

In February 2022, we also became one of the founding companies of the iMasons Climate Accord (ICA) helping shape a historic industry cooperative committed to reducing carbon associated with digital infrastructure.

The diverse knowledge, experience and capability of our team is what brings certainty to our mission. Our combination of experience in sustainability and the design and operation of critical infrastructure has helped us build a process-orientated culture with decision validation at every step. We believe that in the next decades, one of the most critical challenges will be to build the global data capability that is needed to manage climate change and create sustainable societies. We are proud of our team and thanks to them we believe that we can meet this challenge safely and sustainably.

A strong culture promoting responsible progress

Our challenge is not just to develop good data centres that perform to the highest possible standards worldwide. It is to develop and operate them in the right way, so that the highest standards of sustainability are achieved, and local communities can benefit. This challenge gives us a very clear purpose and makes us think about every element of our business in terms of the impact it has on others and the environment.

Financial strength to pursue our strategy

Oaktree Capital Management is a leading global investment management firm with c.$180 billion of assets under management. Oaktree funds hold c.85% of Pure having committed significant equity to fund Pure’s global development pipeline. This backing gives Pure the financial power to pursue a multi-region hyperscale development growth strategy.

Our Values
We Adapt
  • Embracing innovative ideas, technologies, and ways of working
  • Executing with agility, flexibility and speed
  • Seeking simple and effective solutions
  • Trying, learning, adapting, and improving
  • Striving for professional and personal growth
We Care
  • Considering our colleagues, our stakeholders, our communities and our planet
  • Being mindful of the impact of our actions on others
  • Prioritising safety
  • Celebrating our successes and having a positive mindset
  • Doing the right thing and making a difference
We Empower
  • Allocating and accepting responsibilities
  • Speaking up and ensuring everyone feels heard
  • Trusting each other’s motivations and actions
  • Respecting our team’s capabilities and challenges
  • Being passionate and proud
We Deliver
  • Working together to achieve better outcomes
  • Keeping our promises and commitments
  • Championing inclusion and valuing diversity
  • Communicating with and listening to one another
  • Partnering in positive, long-term relationships